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PAL Services Group Limited provides comprehensive and cohesive security management and cleaning services for retail/shopping complexes, construction sites, commercial offices and residences. We aim to help businesses keep optimally productive.

PAL Cleaning Services is proud to have received its ISO 9001 and Safe Contractor  accreditation and we meet and exceed all the required standards by giving our skilled cleaning team up-to-date training, including COSHH and Health & Safety at Work.

We offer full cleaning services for corporate, commercial, residential, industrial and construction sites. We specialise in all of the above, and work closely with our customers to develop a fully customised and fine-tuned cleaning programme to meet exact requirements. Should your cleaning requirements change, our professional team can reassess the situation straight away and reach a solution so that momentum is not compromised. All our cleaning products are environmental friendly which does not cause any form of environmental pollution.

PAL commercial and office cleaning services

PAL Cleaning Services understand that Office environments require specialised and regular cleaning, and some of the cleaning tasks may be covered by separate parties through existing third party maintenance agreements.

PAL Cleaning Services offer fully comprehensive cleaning services for commercial properties, managed offices and general offices. We will develop a cleaning programme to suit your exact cleaning requirements for your office space. Our cleaning programme will cover all of the routine tasks that need to be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis. PAL Cleaning Services are fully flexible and you will be able to add or take away any cleaning task or routine at any time, no matter how big or small the task is.

PAL retail and shopping centre cleaning services

PAL Services Group Ltd offer both specialist security and cleaning services for retail complexes and shopping centres. We offer our customers a totally flexible cleaning programme to meet your exact requirements, with the flexibility to alter the programme at any time.

The PAL Services Group Ltd Cleaning Team receives regular training not only in Health and Safety procedures including COSSH, but also in the advanced cleaning equipment. We have operated in some of England’s modern shopping centers, where we have provided comprehensive professional cleaning services to the highest standards. We operate both under the explicit guidance of the shopping complex management teams as well as provide proactive advice on how to improve the cleanliness of your retail space.

Building site and construction site cleaning services

Comprehensive and flexible contract cleaning services for the building Industry, covering construction site cleaning, building site cleaning, office refurbishment cleaning and property development cleaning. Coupled with our security and guarding services, PAL can offer you complete supporting services for your construction projects.

PAL Services Group Ltd  are specialists in managing the cleaning requirements on construction sites, from daily routine cleaning tasks such as end of shift cleaning, site preparation and site pre-opening preparation and cleaning. PAL Services offer fully flexible and customisable cleaning programmes.

PAL services Group Ltd can offer property developers and project managers with a complete ‘one stop’ service for both your cleaning and guarding requirements on your construction project. With flexible staffing arrangements and by giving our customers the flexibility to add or remove routines tasks

At any time, we are able to deliver you a comprehensive and professional set of supporting services without any of the usual contract ‘tie-in’associated within the security and cleaning services industry.

Our skilled cleaning team receive regular training to ensure that they are always fully briefed on COSSH and Health and Safety issues, and ensure that they comply with current legislation when working on construction sites.

PAL Services Group Ltd Not only Secure and Clean the property, but also look out for defects to the clients property, Our Facility Management team also Arrange for repairs, from Concept to completion, so our Client do not have to worry about any repairs

Comprehensive and professional cleaning services for residential, domestic and managed accommodation sites.

PAL  Services Group Ltd offers fully comprehensive cleaning solutions for managed luxury accommodation, domestic settings and homes. We work with our customers to develop a fully customised cleaning programme to meet your exact cleaning and budgetary requirements, and we have the flexibility to change the programme at any time should your requirements change, should you require more or less; because we understand that the home setting your needs will change from season to season, from quiet times to busy times. We offer a unique approach where we can increase or decrease tasks and our workforce at short notice.